The automatic driving system refers to a train operation system in which the work performed by the train driver is fully automated and highly centralized. The automatic driving system has functions such as automatic train wake-up and sleep, automatic entry and exit of the parking lot, automatic cleaning, automatic driving, automatic parking, automatic opening and closing of doors, automatic fault recovery, etc., and has multiple operating modes such as regular operation, degraded operation, and operation interruption. . Achieving fully automatic operation can save energy and optimize the reasonable matching of system energy consumption and speed.
Key Technologies
The autonomous driving system is a comprehensive system that brings together many high-tech technologies. As a key link, environmental information acquisition and intelligent decision-making control rely on a series of high-tech innovations and breakthroughs such as sensor technology, image recognition technology, electronic and computer technology, and control technology. If driverless cars are to achieve rapid development, they depend on technological breakthroughs and innovations in many aspects.
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